Offer 360246, a MKW RAPID 30/UT16/B3-GS from 2009

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    Model Rapid 30/UT1C/GS/AW/HVGathering machine/booklet makerType: Belt conveyor tableFormat: max. 35x70 / min. 10x14 cmMaterial thickness: 14 - 1.000 g/qmStations:- 16 stations- 1 hand feeding station left- Ejector unit inclusive additional station at the deliveryStack height: max. 70 cmStation handling:- Dynamic station selection for optimized job preloading- Automatic switching on/off of selected stations- Inserting-function at any station possible- Alternating insert function at any station possible- Alternating cardboard function at any station possibleTandem function: - Tandem-Funktion 2:1Control: - Electronic machine control by IPC- 12,1 Zoll colour display (TFT) for reliable and clear operationControls:- Self-measuring double-sheet control per station- Missing- and double-sheet control parameterizable by terminal- Automatic repetition in case of missing sheetCounter:- Preset counter for intermediate stop, number of sets and stop time- Edition counter with automatic empty travels of the transport table- Total counter, service counter, special countersBlast air:- Height-adjustable side blowers with adjustable blowing air- Air blast mechanism with dosing automatic front blowersDelivery:- Integrated delivery jogger system with jogger S3- Delivery control system for criss-cross delivery with adjustable set interval- Shaker bridge for transfer to stitch-fold unitSpeed:- Up to 2,700 cycles/h (depending on format and paper)- Speed display infinitely variable2nd machine: Stitching-folding-cutting unit - MKW SFT 350 - (A4 landscape)Format:- Open format 10x14 cm to 35x64 cm for brochures- Open format or head stitching to 35x50 cmEquipment:- Text display for operation and monitoring- Motorized quick format adjustment for paper guidance- Motorized fast-format-adjustment for machine frame- Stitching extendable to 6 stitcher heads for spine stitching- 2 Hohner stitching heads- Single chopper fold with adjustable folding rollers- Adjustable folding rollers with pressing mechanism- Adjustable pressing mechanism by rollers- Front trimming unit with 6 cm minimum size by upper and lower knifes- Jam control unit safeguarding the trimming unit- High endurance of knives by DURITAN®-knivesDelivery: Brochure delivery with electronic adjustable stack separationSpeed: Up to 4,000 cycles / h, (depending on format and paper)3rd machine1 head and trail trimming unit 59/TRANS T20 of 2008 ideal follow-up machine inline with MKW SFT 350Double-trimmer for brochure productionExact head and tail trimmingMax. format 35x25 cmMin. format 10x6 cmPrecision guides with 4 drive pointsFast-format-adjustment with counter displayEasy format adjustment by spindle guidanceExact side adjustment by parallel guidanceText display for operation and monitoringDismantledIn stock

    Technical Details

    • Max. book size: 350x500 mm
    • Min. book size: 100x140 mm
    • HS Code: 84439959 HS Codes Classification of Other

    Offer Details

    • Brand: MKW
    • Model: Rapid 30/UT16/B3-GS
    • Condition: Good
    • Year: 2009
    • Country: France
    • Incoterm: Free Carrier
    • Under Power: NO
    • Still in production: No
    • Test possible: No
    • Complete and in working condition: Yes
    • Available: Immediately